About Us

Africa Mixes is a mixed blog which focus on several stories. We aim to give people a clear analysis on the day today analysis

What do Africa Mixes focus on?

1) Dating – Since we face difficulties in meeting face to face. People tend to use social media to date before they meet. For instance long ago people used to meet on bore holes or shops but with time it was all moved to online and online

2) News – Due to the need to quickly get real news in time Africa Mixes has the responsibility of gathering news for people and making it a one stop shop for people. That is political, dating and sports news

3) Education – A lot of people look for ideas and need solutions. Due to the mixing and mingling of Africa mixes Authors. We are proud to give people valuable education.

In conclusion we work with various news platforms in gathering and spreading news. We aim to be the best news platform in Africa.

Africa mixes the one stop shop for Africa