Why Not Getting Responses With Online Dating In 2021 The Main Reasons

Why Not Getting Responses With Online Dating In 2021 The Main Reasons

Introduction Of Why Not Getting Responses With Online Dating In 2021 The Main Reasons

Why Not Getting Responses With Online Dating In 2021 The Main Reasons. We help you guys it’s called online dating profile analysis and one of our coaches that are beautiful women that actually um are single or in relationships or have been on dating apps I should say um we have coaches that manage and help this for you and what we do is we critique your profile for you and help you build your profile and select pictures the reason why I mention that is because there are times where I’ve reviewed some of their online profile analysis and one of our coaches I think was Cynthia she told the guy he sent her six pictures and she told them none of these are I have to get you in a black shirt you need to be showing something everything is more in a selfie.

I need you to go and either have friends take photos

You’re not showing off your figure you’re not showing status in your life so I need you to go and either have friends take photos of you here’s what to wear and then send them back to me and she told them exactly what to wear and what to do in these three photos because she asked the hobbies and things like that and what happened is there was a little bit of resistance because he didn’t want to take photos but here’s the thing guys women only have people only have three seconds to figure out if they want to even talk to you or swipe right or left whatever the thing is when they get results what is it right-left yeah right depending on the app right but.

That’s the thing is like in online dating it’s different than you don’t just put pictures to put pictures you got to put pictures that are going to captivate someone’s attention and nine times out of ten when we do the online profile analysis these guys are all putting up the wrong pictures that are not showcasing them and then I get on a skype coaching call with them and they look ten times better than they do oh yeah than they did in the pictures and I’m like what is happening and so women are good at kind of editing getting you in the right position and we talk about this on my online dating results for men and I tell you exactly how to take a photo in there.


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If it’s with your friends a photographer or anybody so your profile pictures are really important they have to showcase the best features within you the side of your face what you’re doing if you’re going on hiking and also the clothes that you’re wearing and also let’s not take bathroom selfies that are about no don’t do that guy I’ve seen some things also too if you’re showing off your body too much I’ve seen that on the dating apps whereas a woman if we’re seeing that if you’re only showing like oh look how good I look we look at that as like oh he’s not he’s only looking for one thing and we’ll swipe left or the ones.

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Where they have a bunch of group pictures

Where they have a bunch of group pictures and I’m like I’m trying to figure out who he is and never easiest thing too to like get a for a swipe left real fast is when your first main photo that someone sees is a group photo and they can’t tell who like who they’re even looking for so that’s a big one yeah and we want you guys to get good in online dating so if you want to have some better results with online dating either we have the online dating results for men or you can go to our coaching page and go down to the bottom and it says online profile analysis and one of our coaches are going to walk you through building your profile as soon as you purchase.

You’ll get an automated message with everything that you need to do so go ahead Natalie give them tip number three-oh all right I got this one so you might be swiping right on women who are emotionally unavailable guys we see this all the time whenever we’ve put looks upon a high platform and whenever we’re going into doing these dating apps just seeking validation and trying to get an ego boost because perhaps our we’re um we’re trying to validate ourselves and we don’t feel good enough or we don’t feel like we’re attractive enough so we go in and we’re only swiping on these gorgeous beautiful women that like if we if this woman matched with us then all of a sudden. Read More Why Not Getting Responses With Online Dating In 2021 The Main Reasons.

It would mean that I’m good enough Instagram models that take 100 pictures, yes guys here’s the thing what’s happening is that you’re not paying attention to what you’re swiping on and who the person is so I’ve had this happen a lot where I’ve challenged clients to go in and I want you to discover who is this woman and what does her life represent she’s gonna say it on there if you’re looking for a relationship and you’re swiping and you’re seeing these beautiful photos but actually what she says in there is um looking for friends only or casual dating what that means is that she’s not in a position where she actually wants to date and actually get involved and eventually be in a relationship.

Who is emotionally closed off to being a partner with someone

So this would be someone who is emotionally closed off to being a partner with someone what they would be looking for is just dating and having a man like pay for her so guys it’s super important what’s happening is that we’re swiping right on these uh women because we’re basing our self-worth on that as opposed to who is the actual person that we’re swiping on and I promise you I bet you right now if you start paying attention to who you’re swiping on and seeing if that person is what would it look like to match with a woman or to look at a woman’s profile who is who respects herself who loves who she is who loves what she does in the world.

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Who’s available to date and is looking for eventually something serious what does that woman look like on those profiles so I challenge you right now if you start paying attention to who you are swiping left on and swiping right on you’re gonna start seeing a whole different type of results, yeah I just had a client yesterday that he was saying the last thing he said to me is Apollonia how do I get better quality woman online because of the woman that he’s been dating are all beautiful models and all this and that was one of the things he asked me and that’s what I told him and also here’s a trick that.

I always say to what if this hits home for you is every time you swipe look at your scale rate your vanity metric skill that’s what I always say so what you’re gonna do is rate it from a one being not a lot of vanities so maybe you’re probably not someone you’re attracted to and then ten that is highly vanity metrics okay so meaning like everything that she’s wearing and all the photos that she has of herself are just all about her and her body or is she showing you hiking is she showing you things about her lifestyle or is it some type of model photos, yeah right that is how you judge the vanity metrics of basically swiping if this is your something.

I typically will always tell men online dating

That you’ve come across as well and then we go into tip number four this is a big one I typically will always tell men online dating is literally like the game of thrones because you don’t know what’s going to happen right and so I’ve seen so many people get disappointed with online dating I remember when I was online dating, yeah and I was just like I would get disappointed at times and then all of a sudden I was like I can’t get disappointed anymore like I don’t even know what’s going on with these people yeah like people are on there to get attention people are on there but then they’ll get busy with life and they don’t check their app two days two months later and especially in the middle of a conversation.

Because just because a woman has a conversation with you at that moment does not mean it’s going to lead to something so when we release expectations then our energy is different through text messages and we say things that aren’t so pushy or straightforward but also take the time so understand that it’s kind of like a numbers game right yeah it’s just putting yourself out there getting to know people without expectations and if you can release that you’re going to succeed with online dating for sure that’s such a big one guys. Comment That Why Not Getting Responses With Online Dating In 2021 The Main Reasons.

Because here’s the thing there’s so many apps and people are on different apps because especially in today’s day and age like it’s just easier access and we aren’t able to connect as much so we’re in there on the dating apps however here’s the thing just because someone matches with you or they’re in the conversation with you doesn’t mean that they have their notifications turned on they might have all their notifications turned off so you send them a message and they don’t even know but then we’re taking it personally because oh my god they didn’t write me back they might not have even known that you wrote them we once you again.

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What apology said once you take away that expectation

What apology said once you take away that expectation and you just literally treat this as like what it is which is a tool to have fun with and see if there’s even a connection there to see if there’s a commonality to see if you even take someone out to coffee um it’s just something that like you don’t want to take personally and you just want to enjoy and practice with and have fun with the cool thing is that as some great connections can come out of this I’ve had experiences where I’ve matched with people but we weren’t compatible we weren’t uh we didn’t align with where our end goals were or what we were looking for in relationships however we clicked so I have friends from there that like I’ve created and I have friendships because we both were like you know what.

We’re not looking for the same thing I’m this way and you’re that way but like you are so awesome maybe we’re both in the same industry so we’re like all right I’d love to connect with you on this and like I love the way your mind works so guys that happen to take out the expectations and just explore whatever could happen and then tip number five in regards to why you’re not getting any responses online for online dating is because maybe you are messaging her a lot more times than she’s messaging you I always tell men to measure your text message your text messages because if you are she’s giving you one-liners and you’re giving her a whole paragraph and of course. Like Why Not Getting Responses With Online Dating In 2021 The Main Reasons.

She doesn’t answer you continue to have a conversation

The woman is not going to really want to be messaging you her life story and writing a book to you the thing is about is just to follow and mirror the things that are coming back and forth and go with a vibe now a lot of things i’ve seen is like if she doesn’t answer you continue to have a conversation and then she looks at her phone a day later after she’s busy and she sees four or five messages from you that might be a little bit off-putting because then we’re showing her that we’re really eager and that our time is not valuable at all and then we’re putting all our eggs in one basket with her and um not to say that you shouldn’t do that with a woman that you like or when a relationship is getting involved or you guys are getting to the next level but this is just online dating so you’ve got to no matter.

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