What Is The Fear friend Zone Will Get You

What Is The Fear friend Zone Will Get You

Introduction Of What Is The Fear friend Zone Will Get You

What Is The Fear friend Zone Will Get You. Why you’re not you know ready so help me understand and if not then I’m going to take my separate ways you take your step aways and when you’re ready hopefully I’ll still be here but what we do is we give ultimatums when we have no intimacy no relationship factors coming in no type of intimacy and I don’t just mean physically emotionally right mentally and things like that where you’re just like no I don’t want to be your friend so either you’re going to be with me or not be my friend at all and we go into an ultimatum state of thinking because this is what we’re supposed to do yeah and as a woman guys it feels like a big slap in the face especially too.

We’re like you know what this person’s awesome

Let’s say that you two aren’t right for each other and you guys aren’t you don’t align in values you don’t align in life you’re not looking for the same thing there isn’t any chemistry there but you put her on a pedestal and you’re not listening to her you’re not paying attention to her the only thing you’re concerned about is oh no I can’t get friend-zoned so what happens is as a woman if we’re like you know what this person’s awesome I don’t feel anything with you but I’d be down to be friends when you know or if you guys started as friends first and you guys were acquaintances first and she goes I don’t feel anything here but.

I would love to you know to continue our friendship oftentimes guys it’s a slap in the face for a woman when a guy goes no I could never be your friend and we’re like okay so basically my friendship isn’t good enough for you and the only thing that you saw me as was a sexual thing it feels as though you’re no longer looking at us as a person and you’re only seeing us as a thing as something to conquer as something to win over and it doesn’t it feels dehumanizing so oftentimes guys that’s why your fear of being friend-zoned will actually put you in the friend zone or will have a woman running for the hills this can also happen in the beginning when you’re dating.

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If you’re dating a quality woman um or a woman in general who wants to wait to have sex we see this all the time and we’ve seen some misconceptions and some other techniques out there um when you’re dating at first and a woman doesn’t want to have sex right away because she wants to wait for guys does that mean you’re in friends though exactly it has that is not friend zone when a woman is dating you and she’s interested in getting to know you and she wants to deepen the connection and feel safe with you first to see if she’s even going to open up to you and like do that because basically yeah because when you have sex with someone uh women take it on more but we take on that other person’s energy so as a woman who’s sitting there dating you we want to see do.

If you have a fear of the friend zone

I want to do that do I want to let this person’s energy in my realm and mess with my realm so on the date we’re going to sit there and we’re going to go slower we’re going to get to know you but all of a sudden if you have a fear of the friend zone you know you’re not realizing that you’re not showing up yeah you’re not showing up and you’re not realizing that this woman does want to have sex with you eventually actually does want to get to know you do want to have a relationship and develop that relationship and date you so if you’re so afraid of the friend zone at that moment oftentimes what happens at the beginning of dating is you do something called um last-minute resistance where you push that fear will have you pushing yourself on a woman.


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I’ve heard this year and this can happen by accident guys I’ve had some clients that I’ve coached where they didn’t realize that what they did was um they were so afraid of the friend zone that they actually um they got a woman riled up and then she said no I’m not ready I want to wait and then they did it again and they did it again until they finally got her to have sex but never heard from her and they never heard from her again because as a woman like some women that’ll happen to women who know their boundaries more and understand that more and I’ve seen that happen they won’t they’ll just leave they’ll just absolutely leave if you break a boundary if a woman says no I’m not ready and you push past that and you don’t wait she’ll run for the hills and she’ll never yeah and that comes down to just always being fearful right like.

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So we’re talking about this in the friend zone state so if you are so hyper-focused on fear of being in the friend zone then your fear will then become your reality exactly because you’re acting inauthentically and now you’re trying to do techniques which Natalie had mentioned now you’re trying to do things like oh I have to manipulate my way here I have to and you’re not saying this openly it’s just the fear makes you sometimes do that when we start creating that and here’s another thing is I always tell clients and I talk about this in my friend’s product if a woman friend zones you why would you ever say no unless you’re emotionally wrapped up in her which here’s the thing when we date we need to date to find out who someone is not dating to fall in love right away okay that’s the difference people date to fall in love or to fill.

What we have already incorporated in our lives right to expand

A void we need to date to feel out who someone is and to see if someone can embody what we have already incorporated in our lives right to expand it or to just to make it better and but you’re happy alone so when we go into dating to find love and this is the one is when we get into a lack of fear mindset obviously and then we don’t have the abundance mentality which I talk about so much so I talk about in the friend zone product a little bit more about this is if we can get good at just understanding if I’m dating women I’m going to find out who she is and if I’m dating doing this right then maybe she’s not going to end up being in the friend zone maybe she will end up like me and now my fear is not going to come to marry a reality but let’s just say for some reason the values like mentioned Natalie mentioned are not aligned and you notice and she notices.

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You’re not so hyper-focused on the end goal of getting and scoring this woman because it’s ego-based now what you’re doing now is like oh listen I’m i’m I think we should be friends and she’s like yeah I think we should be friends too we’re same vice versa what happens here guys is a lot of men are like no I can’t be your friend because they’re getting emotional and they have no emotional control because they have so many expectations and they were dating to find the love I mean it’s okay to date to find love but they were dating for their end goal to fill love within them and so here’s.

We were just like all right I’m just going to be friends with this girl

The thing is if we didn’t do that I want you to think of this if we didn’t do that and we were just like all right I’m just going to be friends with this girl and you went out to a bar you went out to a restaurant you could meet some of her girlfriends and also when you go out with a girl and your dudes you have more of a safe card because girls are already with you exactly and so use that to your advantage to finding someone else don’t just cut off a woman and don’t just use her to meet other girls what I’m saying.

But it makes your presence a little bit better when you have those girlfriends because they see oh this guy’s not psycho oh this guy is safe because this girl’s with him but who is this girl is this his girlfriend or his friend things like that will happen which we talk about in the hat approach product but um that’s really the size of white so what’s important here is to understand that why am I so fearful of the friend zone and so if you want to kind of take it a step further figure out,

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