The Main Reasons Why She Don’t Want To Sleep With You

The Main Reasons Why She Don’t Want To Sleep With You

Introduction Of The Main Reasons Why She Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You

The Main Reasons Why She Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You. why she doesn’t want to sleep with you the two things that make it so that she doesn’t want to sleep with you now the first one guys is that we’re pushing too hard guys I know there’s so much misinformation out there we’re constantly told that if you don’t have love or if you don’t get a woman to sleep with you or if you don’t get her to like kiss you or to engage with you sexually that you’re less than a man or that that means.

Who’s looking for something more here to run in the opposite direction

That she’s gonna friend zone you this is so so far from the truth it’s so far from the truth often time guys if you are going into the dating or you were going into hanging out with her or being around a woman and the only thing that you are thinking about or concerned with or afraid of is friend zone or love or um trying to get love or trying to get her to prove that you’re validated that she wants you and she likes you guys this is the fastest way for a woman who’s looking for something more here to run in the opposite direction this will instantly get you blocked get you having her never contacting you again or getting you ghosted the main reason.

Why here guys are that a woman needs to feel safe we need to feel emotionally connected so if we’re only going in and doing that one thing and we’re only concerned and um focused on getting her to sleep with me I need to get her to sleep with me I need her to prove that I’m good enough I need her i don’t want to be in the friend zone I don’t want to be in the friend zone all of a sudden you’re not in the present moment and your energy makes us feel like we’re not safe that’s a big one guys that’s extremely important it’s also something that um this is important too if you do get her home and you do get one-on-one with her if you are pushing and she says that.

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Where you’re not hearing from her again

I’m not ready and I don’t want to have love or I’m not ready to be intimate in this way with you do not push this will act have her feeling like you’ve crossed her boundaries and you don’t respect her and if you’re not listening to her and even if she winds up having love with you afterward guys if this has ever happened to you where you’re not hearing from her again or she’s like telling you not or you’re getting blocked or you’re getting ghosted or even if she says you know what I just I don’t feel something here this is the reason why guys because we pushed her past her boundaries we pushed her past her respect and even.

If she can’t vocalize it to you hey that’s what I’m here for you guys to let her know exactly let you know exactly what’s going on when this happens what’s happening is that we’re pushing past her boundaries and we’re pushing past her feeling safe with you and we’re feeling like we can’t drop our guard with you because if we say no you’re not hearing us I go way more in-depth with this one I explain how to get away from this what to do in those situations how to identify.

How if that’s the situation that you’re in how to not push but allow her to come to you everything is explained there’s a free 15-minute video if you guys want you can jump ahead what to do in those situations what a woman’s looking for and how to master the bedroom and master the intimacy and get a woman just craving you now on the tip number two we’re being too passive and too nice if you guys have ever heard someone say oh my god you’re so nice you’re such a nice guy you’re so nice and we hear that thing about like oh my god nice guys finish last that’s not the truth guys nice guys don’t finish last it’s just guys.

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How kind and generous and wonderful

That is not believing in themselves and are people-pleasing with their niceness and actually, their intentions are if I do everything for you if I show you how good I am if I show you how kind and generous and wonderful I am you’ll be with me you won’t leave me and that’s why someone with that intention of I’m just gonna do everything for you because I’m in fear that’s why it’ll have a woman walking away and not wanting to sleep with you guys having boundaries and having standards and knowing who you are as a man being able to say no to things it’s so lovely and it’s so attractive for a woman and that doesn’t mean you go around like a jerk and you’re like you no absolutely not.

It doesn’t mean that it means that you still want to be respectful you still want to be kind you still want to be nice we’re also just adding in that you also want to be nice kind and respectful to yourself first which means knowing your boundaries knowing your values knowing what you’re bringing to the table and knowing what you say no to and knowing what you walk away from at the end of the day this is about you exploring what works for you and you exploring what doesn’t work for you knowing what aligns with you so that when you’re going out on a date when you’re dating when you’re sitting across from someone you’re sitting there and instead of.

So worried about what you’re gonna say what you’re gonna do if the person is gonna like you trying to fix the situation you actually take a step back and you look and you see does this person even align with my values is this person even aligned with what I want in life is this person even emotionally available or ready for to date or is this person only out on a date to pass the time this is the thing guys is that it’s wonderful to be there for other people but it’s very primal for women if you’re so busy saying yes to everyone else.

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How can you be the head of the household and protect the household

How can you say yes to yourself how can you be the head of the household and protect the household if we’re too busy saying yes to every joe schmo and larry and helping everyone else out this is where we can become a doormat and we teach people how to treat us so if we’re not treating ourselves with respect and we’re not showing up for ourselves learning balance then what that shows us is that how can you respect us if you can’t even respect yourself how can you stand up for us.

When you can’t even stand up for yourself again guys this one goes straight back to being primal and straight back to safety a woman needs to know that she’s safe with you she needs to know that you are capable of being able to speak up for yourself and that way if something were to happen not that you would fight someone but that you would be able to address situations know what we go through in life and you’d be able to show up for us too it starts with you it starts with learning how to show up for yourself so again guys if you want more information there’s a free secret video it’s not on youtube it’s nowhere else on our website click the link below I dive so much deeper into mastering your confidence mastering the bedroom uh mastering exactly how to bring that love life.

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