I Am Not Your Toy STOP Letting HER Use YOU This Is Fact

I Am Not Your Toy STOP Letting HER Use YOU This Is Fact

Introduction Of I Am Not Your Toy STOP Letting HER Use YOU This Is Fact

I Am Not Your Toy STOP Letting HER Use YOU This Is Fact. What to do your kind of you to know always apologizing you’re always put making yourself wrong so that she can be right you’re going to learn a lot from this video is definitely for you, yeah and some things that I’ve seen is here’s one is when we are in this realm of I have to please her to the point where you’ve already made up in your mind that this woman is the one so you forget about all your standards you forget about all your values and now we’ve gotten into such a fight or flight mode of what I talk about so much in chasing this woman and I don’t ever preach for men to chase women and women shouldn’t chase men.

What type of lifestyle that you want really

This should happen organically and depending on what type of lifestyle that you want really and so when we get treated as a toy is because unfortunately, we’ve allowed this to happen it’s nobody else’s fault, not that person’s fault for treating you like a toy doesn’t give them the pass to say this is okay of course not but understand that we are the drivers of our life we make our decisions we say yes or no so when we say yes and yes and yes and because we’re trying to please we’re trying to compensate we’re trying to chase her because we have this idea of who she wants she could be because you want this person to be in your life.

So badly that you do everything in anything just to please her so she feels that moment of whatever comfort that she might give you in her schedule absolutely and the reason why that guy that happens guys and that leads into the next point is boundaries we’re lacking boundaries and we’re lacking our values and standards with this one and it’s because of the fear of losing her some of you guys might have the fear of abandonment some of you guys might have the fear of like never getting what you want or the lack mindset so what that means is that we’re lacking our baseline boundaries which is the baseline cornerstone keystone of all healthy relationships all relationships require boundaries you can’t just expect two people to meld together and put each other in each other’s lives like everything’s gonna be perfect.

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We’ve got two people from two different walks of life

It doesn’t work that way we’ve got two people from two different walks of life so it’s up to you to determine what are you willing to tolerate in your life and what are you not willing to tolerate in your life that way you have a clear idea of what works for you and what doesn’t so this is the keystone cornerstone foundation of all healthy relationships is your boundaries so you have to determine what are you willing to tolerate and what are you not willing to tolerate if you do not like disrespect because you grew up in an extremely toxic household and you don’t tolerate that then it’s up to you to vocalize that so let’s say that I’m in a relationship with someone and I do something I say something maybe as a man.


What Is The Fear friend Zone Will Get You

I give a gift or um you know I surprise her and the woman that I’m with all of a sudden puts me down makes me feel bad dismisses me disrespects me instead of the natural inclination which is people-pleasing fixing trying to make it work which is what it is it’s like now I’m a toy now I’m being used and mistreated I’m being tossed so instead it’s just gonna be with respect hey listen um what you said and what you did there wasn’t okay with me I felt very disrespected and that’s not something that I tolerate in my life so maybe we’ll take a pause you can think about what it is that you need and we’re going to come back together and talk about this.

What you stand for knowing who you are as a man

Because I’m not going to tolerate this bam yeah men boundaries are very sexy knowing what you stand for knowing who you are as a man is incredibly sexy it’s okay to say hey what you did there wasn’t okay with me but maybe you’re going through something let’s have a conversation about it and see what you need and what’s going on with you but I will not tolerate disrespect lack of communication you know um any form of abuse mental physical emotional spiritual abuse of any kind and write these out pen to paper, yeah and I think a lot of times when we are also in this lack mindset and we’re fearful of like I will never be with someone.

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I’ll never get married I’ll never have children or someone’s at 40 years old no children so they just settle for less because they want to create a family but understand like there’s more cleanup to do sometimes afterward and the reason why we titled this video I’m not your toy is because one of the biggest things that drive me crazy is when I have a man on the phone great guy great career not even that bad looking too you know what I mean and he’s with a woman that is taking advantage of him that is manipulating him that is doing things that he should not be that doesn’t serve him right and he wonders why he’s depressed he wonders why he’s sad he’s a wonder why he’s felt like he’s lost himself he wonders why he hasn’t done his hobbies one of the questions I always ask men is like if you’re wondering.

If you’re in a relationship that’s not serving you well first of all when you already feel like you’re in a relationship that’s not serving you that’s a flag right and then ask yourself like what who was I before I was with this person ah what did I lose out on are you still playing basketball you’re still working out are you still reading books are you still listening to podcasts are you still on your program right or is this person deterring you from this program right like what is this person doing how is this person creating a bountiful life with you not for you but with you and one of the biggest things that I can say to you like men that we coach and teach is why men can be so powerful in relationships is because.

If you understand and you master attraction

If you understand and you master attraction and masculinity women want you to consciously and subconsciously lead in a relationship so when we are not being led in a relationship then we will overcompensate in masculine energy plain and simple just like if a man was with a very masculine woman you probably wouldn’t be that attracted to her and then you would become more feminine asking her you know baby cuddle do this do that because she’s so standoffish and that’s what we mean we need to have a balance of control so one of the things that I would recommend for you before we walk away in this video understands that just because you were a man and just because.

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She is a woman does not mean that you give your whole heart completely over to this person and hopes that they can see you we want men to walk away feeling empowered to feel encouraged to have the right manuscript, not the manipulative manuscript not the inauthentic menus manuscript but the actual truth and why this is happening and for you to understand why this is happening if you find yourself in these relationships getting cheated on getting taken advantage on of why is this recurring there’s a mirror.

What are you trying to do are you trying to fix your ending

That’s going on what are you trying to do are you trying to fix your ending or are you trying to fix your beginning meaning your ending and trauma are you trying to fix the ending meaning if this person loves me then that means I’m worthy or are you trying to fix the beginning meaning this is not a good person so I’m not going to settle for this because I know what this looks like so we fixed the beginning and that is the point so when we get into relationships like this we feel like we’re not enough we lack self-esteem we lack confidence which goes hand in hand in and out and we don’t know our value system, yeah and so it’s enough is enough stop being treated like.

A toy yeah and ground yourself in your foundation and the biggest thing i can say is when you or feel like you’re treated in a bad way look at yourself and ask yourself how am i showing up am i illusionally thinking or am i falling in love right away um which is a huge one yeah have i really given the chance to get this woman to really get to know consciously.

Who I have seen her values have i looked into who this woman is and if you haven’t you’re just chasing the outcome because you’re so focused on that then that is the issue right there absolutely just keep in mind and remember um you are you are worth it and you deserve it so if you’re in a relationship or you’re in something where you’re not feeling that way then it’s time to take a step back and look.

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