How To Date An Italian Woman Like A Pro To Get Good Results

How To Date An Italian Woman Like A Pro To Get Good Results

Introduction Of How To Date An Italian Woman Like A Pro To Get Good Results

How To Date An Italian Woman Like A Pro To Get Good Results. It’s a little different with like Italian um but we still have a lot of the cultures and a lot of the same like similarities that we do from like uh in Italy so a lot of it is like we’re very similar to Latin women we love the food we love talking we love very being very passionate like have you if you’ve ever seen it like oftentimes I’ve dated men who are uh I don’t know like with their heritage is very just American-Americans like family’s been here for a long time very the like one man I dated he was wonderful he’s just very much more like quiet and reserved which I loved because I just loved talking.

It’s a little bit different as like as an Italian woman

But when I introduced him to my family I had to give him a heads up and let him know like in my family you’re gonna have six people talking with ten different conversations and then you’ll be talking over each other like if there’s a group of people around I’m gonna talk to this person and this person at the same time and I’m gonna be shouting so I just gave him the heads up like in my family and my culture it’s completely okay to like shout and speak up and assert yourself and put yourself in there because it’s like we that’s just how we’re raised and it’s just if you when you need to speak then you need to speak and you need to speak up and you got to speak over some people.

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So it’s a little bit different as like as an Italian woman I’ve had to learn how to like pull back and allow others to talk because coming out of my own culture and my own family and then into like everyone else’s there’s dif there’s different cultures so and depending on the woman what I have noticed is Italian women do like to be social and talk and be very um open and say what they need to say and I think there’s a little bit difference between the first generation second third whatever with the first generation I think that it’s in in the third it’s relatable and fourth whatever.

The family dynamics are like a big family

But the family dynamics are like a big family everybody gets together everybody’s cooking everybody’s doing something so family dynamics is I think really important for Italian women too because I come my background is more Latin but I have a few roots of Italian um and I know my family very little in Italy but um yeah so I think that’s one thing on that yeah it’s a very like even if you’re with a woman who is Italian and she’s um uh like her core value system might not be like family like maybe she doesn’t want to have a family it’s still ingrained in us like family is still super important and the thing is about Italians too is that um we can go off and we can be with someone. Read More How To Date An Italian Woman Like A Pro To Get Good Results.

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That our family doesn’t like but it doesn’t it’s it doesn’t feel as good like for me when I’m with someone regardless of if he’s shyer or if he’s more reserved like that guy that I pulled in to meet my family he spoke up he said something he and he had sarcasm and my family just accepted him right in so it’s a matter of like being assertive and like just being there and like owning your presence that’s why I was just gonna ask you what type of man are Italian women typically attract yeah we have to have someone that’s that owns their presence and that really um dominant probably yeah because you guys are pretty dominant too I think like.

It’s interesting because I want to say that like

I feel like Russian women Czech women like in that type of culture and also in the Italian culture are very like they’re dominant women yeah in some way not dominant meaning masculine energy they’re just like dominant and they know what they want they’re not scared to say they’re very assertive yeah I will say that like very much so like um Italian women are like that like like Latins like Russian like so a lot I think little women can be a little bit more submissive than assertive in oh and culture yeah especially like where I was raised and I think we talked about that in the article that’s so with but not in a bad way.

But with Italian women, so it’s interesting because I want to say that like oh yeah it’s only going to be this type of man but it all depends on it depends because it’s also about your balance too and what balances you out so for me as um someone who’s very like strong and assertive I do well with my counterbalance which is someone high in eq like very very high in eq because that’s also something that it’s not because if the assertiveness in an Italian woman doesn’t negate as we come from passion and a lot of heart so that’s the reason why you’ll have Italian families that are louder is that things mean.

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The quality of your food your conversations your life

So much to us the quality of your food your conversations your life your passions who are you dating who are you with like we’re very involved with each other and with our families with our siblings and like we it’s a very sense of like connectedness so we become very passionate if someone’s hurting in our family that’s like me hurting you know and and my family doesn’t just mean um you know oh the the blood it means that like like Apollonia would be my family like someone who’s in.

Who i consider close to me is my family so it’s very big on food big on very big on culture very big on values and the and we’re very big on like passion we’re very very passionate which is why you’ll see us emphasize because our whole body is connected to what we’re speaking about what we want to like bring to the table we’re bringing a lot of things like so dating an Italian woman I’ll just be honest it’s just gonna be fun but it’s a lot of it’s a lot of heart and it’s a lot of passion.

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