Valencia, 36, Gauteng- Time to be happy and forget the past. I can be your sugar mummy

Valencia, 36, Gauteng- Time to be happy and forget the past. I can be your sugar mummy

Let’s meet Sugar mummy on SATESPACE and my WhatsApp number is free.

I want to tell you a few things about sugar mummy. The first thing that sets me apart is that I am rich and I have everything you could possibly wish for. I have houses all over the country and I won’t even talk about farms and parks.

In addition to the above I was once a nurse and I am good in the medical field. However it takes a lot of time if you are at work to get a single man. As you can see on the picture I am with my friends at work. I Like privacy as well so if you need my direct picture come to my Inbox.

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All I need right now is love.

Fall in love with me if you want to see other parts of this life that you haven’t seen. Time to have fun. Let’s leave history and make them remember us. I will make everyone from your area love you more than they ever did.

I want us to forget the past and create something said between us. If you are interested and you know you look good, there is a way for us to start talking today, we can even start talking now if you want. There is button that you will have to use and I will provide it.

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I am ready to start talking to you on WhatsApp

Let’s take this to WhatsApp where we can do video calls and all. I will give you my number but not here. I want to give it to you alone. What you have to do is hit the below button and create an account on SATESPACE if you don’t have one already:

To get in touch With sugar mummy Valencia Please Whatsapp Me on +27612606322

Sugar Mummy Need you please sign up

 After creating an account, you are almost done. Text me! From my side I will reply immediately with my WhatsApp number.

My few expectations though:

To add on to the above I EXPECT YOU TO RESPECT ME– I will show you respect too and I want you to give me the same.

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Finally I EXPECT YOU TO BE A NEAT GUY- To me neatness is pretty much everything. Clean yourself up.

20 thoughts on “Valencia, 36, Gauteng- Time to be happy and forget the past. I can be your sugar mummy

  1. I am a Ben 10 I am available single
    I want a car and new clothes also be my sugar
    My Whatsaap number is 0606008944

  2. Hello ..
    How are you doing? I’m Ben Edwin 28yrs from Lagos Nigeria. I do Came Across your profile and Its very Lovely and Awesome. Am glad my profile hit home with you. I want to be your sugar boy, I’m strong, energetic cause am still young & you’ll enjoy me to the fullness. Well I am a Honest, sincere, Kind, Caring, friendly, romantic, Loyal, truthful and God fearing Person. i am really very easy to get along with, fun to be with and
    am very adaptive and communicative when it comes to conversant. I don’t Care about the Age or Distance cause I believe that when it is time for the Meeting I don’t care about relocating to be with you. I do have a lot of beautiful things to share with you. I can’t wait to hear back from you. Please contact me on WhatsApp +2347016178629 or email Take care, muah!

  3. Hi am not ready to start praising myself but one I believe and am sure is that you will be comfortable,loved,cherished and cared about when we are together..a trial will convince you.. just WhatsApp me for a better communication.+2348083277004

  4. Am looking forward to hear from you WhatsApp number is 0767335308 I will wait for your responsed hit me anytime

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