Single ladies – 35 Selina lonely looking for a serious man

Single ladies – 35 Selina lonely looking for a serious man

As single ladies we face several problems which among them is divorce and being out casts. However this does not hinder me from contacting Africa Mixes for me to be posted. I can feel the vibe that my time as a single lady is now limited.

My general details

Born in Durban and grown up in Cape Town, I am a self-styled lady. As a single mother I stay alone and spend the whole day with other Single ladies. Due to the fact that being single is hard I have decided to be posted. On the other hand still dicing with other single ladies

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How do I decide to join other Single Ladies?

As I was looking for dating I met sites like Cupid Dating and but we failed to click because they need money to register. In as much as love is concerned all single ladies like serious dating. By so doing I chose to join AFRICA MIXES for serious online dating.

What type of a man I am looking for

Firstly I prefer a taller men and handsome ones. In addition to the above I need someone who has vision and mission in life. More so I prefer someone who is ready to discuss with singles ladies about life issues. Furthermore I prefer someone with his children because already I have some. Lastly I am ready to call you dad.

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How to get in touch with single ladies

Finally the life blood of a relationship has boiled and ready to be served. We cannot talk of love without communication by so doing let’s see how we can chat.

My email address is

To add on to the above my Whatsapp +27 62 366 0313

Once you get this Whatsapp number please save it and start chatting and we discuss life.

Thank you for your time on AFRICA MIXES lets meet on other posts. If you have any question please write to us on CONTACT US and we help you

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  1. 1:26 pm
    Hey Selina I would really love to get to know you like nobody does and i love your smile your are looking gorgeous and i would love to know more about you if you want to get in touch here is my whatsApp number +233550452407

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