What is spatial data?

What is spatial data?


Spatial data is the data about any space. The word spatial comes from the word space. Data are number, characters, texts and symbols for storing information. Spatial data is usually present as vector data or raster data or both. In Geographical Information System and Surveying, spatial data is very important. To be real, surveyors create both spatial data and attribute data.

Moreover, surveyors must be able to create and interpret spatial data for them to earn a living. Using layman language, a surveyor is someone who creates accurate maps for different purposes. Sophisticate instruments are of use for creating those maps.

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What are the types of spatial data?

To be more accurate, spatial data means maps. Here we are going to talk of types maps. There are are many types of maps and the following is not a limit.

Firstly, cadastral map is the first type of map we are going to discuss. Cadastral map is an high accurate map. it shows the boundary of a property and abutting properties. This type of map is usually a vector data. This type of map shows servitudes and boundary shares. Some cadastral maps may show sectional titles and floor titles. The cadastral map is the expensive map to create and sell.

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texts and symbols for storing information

Secondly, topographic map is the second map we are going to discuss here. Topographic map is a low accuracy map which novices can create. This type of map shows the all natural features and man made that are required. Usually topographical maps are according to a certain purpose. Furthermore, this type of map can be a vector map or raster map. Contour lines, rocks, power lines and sewer lines are usually on the this type of map.

Thirdly, a tachy map is a type of map that have same features with topographic map. The difference is that tachy map has no contour line only. All methods of creating are the same but the result is different

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